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Health Management Programs

Find programs to support your journey towards better health

In partnership with Honeysuckle Health

We look at ways to actively support your health needs and minimise future risks with these health management programs. You can use our Find a Program tool to search for and consent to participate in a program that addresses your individual health needs.

How it works

Find a program

Use our tool to find a program that's suitable for your chronic health needs, such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer and more.

Check if you're eligible

Once you've chosen a program, we use personal information that you've already shared with us to check if you’re eligible.

Submit your consent to participate

After you consent to participating in a program, some of your data and personal information will be securely shared with our trusted partner Honeysuckle Health.

Expect a call back from Honeysuckle Health

Honeysuckle Health will contact you with more information on your chosen program, to perform a clinical assessment and to confirm your eligibility.

Why join a Health Management Program?

No additional cost for eligible members

You can access the range of programs for free if you meet the eligibility criteria.

Ongoing professional support in addition to your doctor's advice

You'll be provided with information to help you better understand and manage your health.

Treatment and resources you can access in ways convenient to you

Most programs can be done over the phone or from the comfort of home.

Personal information and privacy

To participate in a Health Management Program, some of your personal information will be shared with our partner Honeysuckle Health using our secure system.

What information do we use to help confirm your eligibility?

We use certain personal information associated with you and your cover to assess whether a program will be beneficial to your health needs.

This includes your:

  • Cover information

  • Waiting periods

  • Phone number

  • Age

Each Health Management Program has its own eligibility criteria, which can affect your suitability to participate in a program.

nib is bound by strict obligations of privacy. To find out more information about how your personal information is managed, see the nib Privacy Policy.

What information do we share with Honeysuckle Health?

After submitting your consent to participate in a program, we need to securely share some of your personal information with Honeysuckle Health.

This includes:

  • Member ID

  • Cover information

  • Waiting periods

  • Phone number

  • Age

You'll be assigned a unique identifier so your details can be accurately maintained. It also helps keep track of your health needs before, during and after participating in a program.

Honeysuckle Health is bound by strict obligations of privacy. To find out more information about how your personal information is managed, see the Honeysuckle Health Privacy Policy.

nib and Honeysuckle Health are bound by strict obligations of confidentiality and privacy.

About Honeysuckle Health

Honeysuckle Health is a health services and specialist data science company creating better pathways to better health. Honeysuckle Health has a range of healthcare programs delivered by a qualified health professional to support you to stay well at home and in the community.

Honeysuckle Health is a joint venture between nib Group and Cigna Corporation, though operating independently of both.